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Android running slow?

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Even the latest android phones, can slow down to a point where it impacts basic usability, here are a few points that can help bring new life to your android device.

  • App review -How many installed apps are you actually using? Have a quick slide through the apps screen, more than you thought? Exactly! Even though you may not be using them, these apps may be hogging background services, slowing down your device using up valuable memory. Delete them! Even if you purchased them previously but don’t need them now, you can still download them again from the Play store for free when you need them.
  • Space – Clearing out the cache and removing old photos and documents will help if your device is running low on space which could cause it to run slow. You can clean the cache by selecting settings > device > Storage > cached data > and the confirm you wish to delete data. Any data an app needs will be re-downloaded when it requires it.
  • I hate to say this, but it works. Have you tried turning if off and on again? Seriously, it does help, a reboot can refresh the operation of your android device.
  • Start Fresh – Sometimes the only solution is to reset your device completely back to factory settings, make sure to backup first carefully!

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