Amazon Kindle for the iPad on the way

Kindle for iPad
Kindle for iPad


As the iPad rockets towards the 3rd of April (iPad US release date), the ‘big guns’ are pushing their applications to Apple for approval. This must prove difficult for some as many developers have no access to the device directly and must use an emulator, with a few exceptions whom are expected to keep the device out of the light of day. 

Amazon according to sources has it’s Kindle application ready for iPad. The Kindle allows amazon customers to read ebooks on various devices including the iPhone. 

The Kindle app will allow readers to slowly turn pages and has two new ways for users to view their ebook collections, according the the New York Times. 

Amazon currently has a web page stating it will have an app for the iPad which “will provide the best reading experience available on your tablet computer including the iPad. No Kindle (hardware device) required”. 

Functions listed include: 

  • Tailored to the size, look, and feel of your tablet computer
  • Customize background color and font size to ease eye strain
  • Adjust screen brightness from within the app to make reading easier
  • Page turn animation replicates the look of turning a page in a book. Or choose Basic Reading Mode for a simpler and unadorned reading experience

Source: NY Times,

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