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We have been testing  A!arm for iPhone over the weekend and are pretty impressed. An alarm clock you can you can stop with your voice! Impressive.

When A!arm starts beeping in the morning, the user can shout to stop the alarm or to let it snooze a little bit more. “I had the idea of an alarm clock you can yell at a long time ago, I’m very excited we’ve finally done it!” said Martijn Verpaalen, who created A!arm with Michael Diguet. “Shouting off an alarm clock is much more relieving than pressing a stop button. I really believe people will have a better start of their day with A!arm.” said Martijn. While this is an impressive and useful feature it does require the app to be running in the foreground, a limitation of iOS rather than the app of course. And the app itself will run in the background and wake you up on time.

A!arm does also what any other alarm clock should do. There is a list of active and inactive alarms, the user can set how long he wants to snooze and he can choose on what days he wants the alarm to repeat. The alarm clock also beeps as a push notification in case the user has forgotten to keep the app on the foreground.

Aside from being able to turn of the alarm with you voice, the alarm app also has a counting game function, for those who suffer from insomnia, this is bound to get you off to a sleep. If you are a social networking creature you may find the built in Facebook or Twitter functions useful to tell your friends and followers you are up!

“We know waking up will never be fun, but we try really hard to get there!” said Martijn. “We made a list of options we wanted to add and chose the ones we found the most exciting” said Michael. One of them is the wake-up test. It is a simple mathematical question which enables the user to check if he is fully awake. “We all know the excuse of ‘my alarm clock didn’t ring this morning’. What happens most of the time is that the alarm does ring, but the user just stops it and goes on sleeping. We made this impossible with the wake-up test” said Martijn.

Is it worth it?  A!arm has the same functions as the built in iOS app with some added features  which you might find useful including voice stop and a built in game, you may find keeping an foreground application running all night draining on the battery, but you don’t have to use this function and  at .79USD it’s an app worth having on you iPhone or iPod

[box type=”download” style=”rounded”]Visit: http://alarm-app.com/ for more information and to download[/box]

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