10 Useful iPhone tips you may not have known!

The iPhone has a number of lesser known shortcuts and features, you may not have known about, here are ten of my favourites, feel free to comment below and suggest ones that you found!

  • In most applications you can tap the top menu bar on the iPhone to scroll to the top of the document. For example in safari tapping the top menu (where the time and battery status are located) will scroll you back to the very top of the webpage. This is also supported by many third party applications such as Echofon for Twitter.
  • Holding down the home button will open voice command, where you can use voice dialing or play music by calling out artists name.
  • Pressing  and releasing the home button and power button together at the same time will take a screenshot of the screen and save it the photos application.
  • Double tapping the home button while the iPhone is on standby will bring up iPod controls, to allow you to control music playback without unlocking the iPhone, the function of the double press of the home button can be also changed in the settings screen.
  • Need a fada? On the keyboard holding down a key will display various versions of they key, handy if you are texting or e-mailing in Irish or such.
  • You can save an image in safari by pressing and holding a picture, you will then be prompted to save the image to photos.
  • While browsing through application pages on your device, pressing the home key once will take you the the  first page of applications, while pressing it on the first page of applications will take you the the search feature.
  • When taking a photo on an iPhone 3Gs tapping a location on the screen will set focus on that area.
  • You can soft reset your iPhone by holding down both home button and power buttons together.
  • You can move, or remove applications, by pressing them for a few seconds and releasing, you can then drag them around or remove them if they are not native applications.

Please suggest you own tips and tricks in the comments below.

John Ryan

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