10 tips to quit drinking alcohol

Below I have compiled 10 tips to quit drinking alcohol. I hope you find them useful and remember, that are many other things you can do and many tips you will come across yourself on your journey. Feel free to share them with me in the comments section. So lets begin looking at 10 tips to quit drinking alcohol!

  1. Do not keep alcohol in your house if you really want to quit drinking alcohol. I found over the years, if you do not have a beer in the house, you can’t drink it. DOINK! Sounds obvious, but if you’re anything like me and you have some in the house, you will always say, well there’s some there, I’d love some and why not. In fact you will find your brain will help with this rational very well and will encourage you to have one, sure why not. I say it again don’t keep alcohol in the house if you are easily tempted.
  2. Everyone makes mistakes, and if you have decided to quit or reduce alcohol and somehow feel like you have failed, you went on a bing or have have a few bad days, for whatever reason don’t feel like you can’t pick up the pieces again…. I mean the idea here, at least in my case, was to improve my general lifestyle, and every effort I made, and that you will make, can only have a positive effect on life! Stay positive, hold your head high and simply start again. Everyone makes mistakes during this process!
  3. Drink plenty…of water (…sorry…). You most likely will have heard this advice before, but heed it! Most of us do not drink enough water, and we need it to survive even more-so than food! What I did was – I bought a 1 litre bottle of water and reused it, I keep it at my desk in the office, as reminder of how much I have had that day or had not. It is said, the drinking action is helpful to reduce your desire for alcohol, but I did not find this true for me at all. What I did find however, about drinking more water, is it made me feel more healthy, not just in the ‘I’m doing what I am supposed to’ way but, it also set me in the right frame of mind, and pointed me in the right direction when taking into account a healthy diet. And talking about a healthy diet…
  4. Adopt a healthy diet. You knew it was coming, and yes, here it is! And it can be very hard to maintain, simply do this gradually, find healthy fruits and vegetables that you like and go from there. Make meals yourself from real foods, not foods that ‘may contain what it is supposed to be’ or is flavoured something or other. Start what what your mom used to make or told you to eat, she won’t send you down the wrong path!
  5. Go for a run. Ok! Maybe running is not for you, but what ever is your exercise of choice – do it. But if it is running, google ‘runners high’. Much better than that buzz from alcohol, and it’s healthy, a healthy buzz! Who knew!
  6. Stay out of situations where you will be tempted, until you are ready. I, still have the occasional drink, as I noted on my introduction page, my aim was to enjoy a beverage when I wanted it, but not to rely on it as some sort of solution. While you are still adapting to the process of reducing your alcohol intake or quitting it completely, do not place yourself in a situation where you would be expected to have a beverage, for me, that was certain friends who could not comprehend on any level why I was not having a beer. What was wrong with me? The truth is, for some people, they too feel uncomfortable with their relationship with alcohol and feel somewhat vindicated if you break your pledge and join them.
  7. You are in control when it comes to quit drinking alcohol! Always remember, it may be hard to find the power at times, but it is always there. I have found the ‘physical walk away’ solution worked very well for me. If I was out with friends and uncomfortable about being bothered to have a drink, when I had one, and was satisfied with that, or I was at home and really badly needed a drink, but did not want one, I just went for a walk cleared by head, it does wonders. Remember you have to approve anything that goes inside your body, you are in control!
  8. Remember why you are doing this. It has to be for you! It’s, of course, great to have a reason, for your family, for work, but for me these were the positive impact of reducing my beer intake, but not the reason. You have to want to do this for yourself, if you do not value yourself, how can you expect others to?
  9. Waking up without a hangover. If, like a friend of mine, you’ve had a minimum of one glass (probably closer to two glasses if he was truly honest, and those where large glasses!) per night, you will forget what it’s like to wake up:
    1. On-time for work.
    2. Without a hangover or headache.
    3. Have bathroom trouble – yes no one likes to talk about this one, but it is the free prize at the end of many glasses of beer or wine!
  10. Quit drinking alcohol! Plan your day and move things around, make life interesting and be positive. Little things here and there and a few big things can have a very positive impact on your life, so do them!
  11. Stay tuned to my blog, I have been a little vague here and there on some of my tips on quit drinking alcohol, but I hope to expand many of these tips where possible. I hope these helped, and yes, it was kind of … 11 tips, but 10 is a nice round figure.

John Ryan

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  1. Sad reality is that there are many of us who abuse alcohol. Majority of people spend a good portion of their income on alcohol consumption during the weekend. These alcohol companies have a very lucrative business model. Get people to be passive consumers of expensive drinks. And watch that beautiful bottom line bloom. The subsequent paragraphs will help to illustrate why we abuse alcohol; in addition, the ill effects that it has on our communities. Humanity first, not corporations! This is why I wrote this blog. A three minute read.


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