Turn off simple Passcode on your iPhone for better security – iPhone 101 series

If you think think it’s a little too easy for someone to guess four digit numeric password, you might want to consider disabling “simple passcode”. Disabling simple passcode means you can use a full keyboard to create a password of your choice. If you have iOS4 running on your iPhone then it is easy to do this.


1. You need to open the settings app on your iPhone, under the General heading select “Password Lock”, if this is currently enabled you will be prompted for your current password, enter it.

2. You will now see the “Simple Passcode” which is turned on by default, if you switch this to off, you will be prompted for a full keyboard password, you will need to confirm your old password first if you had one.

3. Select your password, and confirm it. You are now using the more secure password of your choice. You can also change the “require password” time for a length of time that meets your needs. There is more on using passcodes in this post.

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