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Kindle for iPad

Kindle for iPhone & iPad updated to version 2.3

Kindle for the iPhone and iPad have been updated to version 2.3. Included in this update, aside for some bug fixes, is the display of two columns instead of one, in landscape mode. This is the same functionality as iBooks, and not a bad idea, as it has a more natural “book”  feeling. Books display […]


Apple releases iBooks 1.1 for iPhone

Apple has launched iBooks 1.1 for the iPhone which works with  iOS4. When you install it you are asked: Do you want to store your bookmarks and notes in your iTunes store account for syncing across devices? Sadly in Ireland there is only those free Project Gutenberg ebooks, lets hope Jobs does not keep us […]


iBooks for iPad hands on review

iBooks is indeed all it claims to be, very handsome, easy to use and fun to read, users of the kindle may fear that the backlight will cause a strain, but I was reading last night for over two hours and found my eyes were fine. The iPad however does not make it easy to […]


iBooks app now in US app store

iBooks has made an appearance in the app store today, like the kindle you can download free samples of books. The application only works on the iPad and US store currently. Download the iBooks app free from the App Store.* More than a great ebook reader, it’s also an amazing place to browse and shop […]

iBooks screenshot?

iBooks bestsellers to be sold at 9.99USD?

Hopefully when the iPad launches in Europe it will have the iBooks application, or even the kindle? Currently Amazon kindle makes a loss of newly released and best selling books. They do this in order to increase their market share. On the iPhone developers get to set their own prices, and Apple gets 30%, this […]

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