Irish iPhone radio apps – A list

Irish radio apps
Irish radio apps

With the growing  popularity of the iPhone in Ireland the number of radio apps available is on the increase! Below is a list of official radio apps for Ireland which is a work in progress. This is an open post, please comment if you notice an application we left out, and we will update this post regularly. Continue reading Irish iPhone radio apps – A list

Newstalk launch Ireland’s first radio iPad app!

NewsTalk iPad app
NewsTalk iPad app

Ireland’s national talk station Newstalk 106 – 108 FM have become the first radio station to launch an iPad app in Ireland. Although Irish radio apps are very popular and abundant in the iPhone app store, there has – to date, been a limited selection of iPad apps available in this genre. Hopefully this  news will prompt other television and radio networks to get on board with the iPad, considering its popularity.

The Newstalk iPad app features all the popular features of the station’s iPhone app (listen live, archive, podcasts, latest news) with the added feature of live video streaming from our Newstalk TV studio cameras. Newstalk TV will also feature on the iPhone app from today.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Newstalk CEO Frank Cronin said “Apps have become an important part of our station infrastructure. Our ‘official’ JNLR listenership figures may be on the up, but add those listening live online on the web or via our android, iphone or ipad apps and we are a substantially larger audience.”

The Newstalk 106 – 108 FM iPad app, developed by All in Media is available on theiTunes App Store now.

[Quoted press release via SiliconRepublic]

How to edit app notifications – iPhone 101 series

iPhone notifications menu
iPhone notifications menu

You might ask a particular application  not to alert you, only to change your mind at some point! How do you reactivate those notifications again? It’s actually very simple, you don’t need to open the app itself, as notifications has it’s own management area in the settings app.

Here are a few simple steps to amend the notifications on your iPhone. For this example we have selected Angry Birds as the app we would like to change the notification settings, of course this can used for any app you wish. Continue reading How to edit app notifications – iPhone 101 series

Apple TV – Hands on review


The all new Apple TV is an attempt by Apple to change the way we watch content on our televisions. Instead of directly downloading content  to a media drive connecting to a TV and watching – you now just stream content that is already on your PC directly, not storing anything on the Apple TV.

A good idea? Maybe? But as usual Apple have been restricted in allowing what we can stream, it’s not all bad  there is a redeeming factor with Apple TV which nearly makes it worth while and it’s called Airplay, and we have a little more on that later.

So what did we think of Apple TV. We like it,  the consensus  on Apple TV is that we wont be handing over our media drives just yet.  Steve Jobs has described Apple TV as his hobby. And while this may be nice for him, with Google TV on the way, Apple need to take ATV a little more serious.

If you were to ask, in a nutshell what is Apple TV,  we would say Apple TV is primarily a streaming device, with the possibility to become so much more, encompassing:

  • Apple TV is a place to rent movies and TV shows (TV shows in US only) in HD and SD format. Programs are displayed on your television in a simple elegant graphical layout, with descriptions , reviews, and previews available.
  • Apple TV allows you to stream content to your television from your PC, however it is somewhat limited on file formats that are compatible with the device. You can stream iTunes music, films, TV shows (in the correct format), and photos.
  • Apple TV allows you to stream content from Netflix (US), youtube and flickr.

Click continue reading to read more… Continue reading Apple TV – Hands on review

Griffin Elan Folio for iPad – Compu B Apple store Dublin

Elan Folio
Elan Folio

The iPad needs a cover, if you have had your iPad more than one week you will quickly realise this. There is a huge selection of iPad covers  on the market today, so shop around, yesterday I bought a Griffin Elan Folio for iPad in Compu B Apple store in Dublin.

Griffin Elan Folio for iPad has a nice dark leather look, I am not sure if it is leather, I am doubtful as it does not say it is any where. The finish is handsome,and has a nice professional ‘note book’ feel to it. You can however see finger marks from where you held it, but these seem to wipe away easily. Continue reading Griffin Elan Folio for iPad – Compu B Apple store Dublin

Ulster Bank release a mobile phone banking app! – First Irish Bank to the app store (official)

Ulster Bank have become the first Irish bank to release a mobile phone banking application. I am not a customer so I cannot test this, but well done Ulster Bank on being first to the market -wake up other banks! Features promised include

  • Check your balance online – view up-to-the-minute account balances.
  • See mini statements – see your last six transactions when you choose.
  • Set up text alerts – you can see when you dip or rise above certain limits.
  • Add up to 10 accounts – register any Ulster Bank account you have a Visa Debit serviceCARD/debitCARD for and keep an eye on all your finances.

Anyone try this? Let us know what you think in the comments.
[box type=”download” style=”rounded” border=”full”] iTunes link[/box]

Ulster Bank iPhone app in pictures

[Ulster Bank via Silicon Republic ]

iPad V Kindle – Impossible to read the iPad in sunlight

A new Kindle advert demonstrates how difficult it is to read a book in sunlight with your iPad. And while this is very true, I’d like to see someone watch a video on their kindle!

Yes the kindle could be described as a very different animal to the iPad, but if the iPad worked as well in sunlight and was a little more comfortable to hold would you need a kindle? Video after the jump. Continue reading iPad V Kindle – Impossible to read the iPad in sunlight

HulloMail for iPhone – VoiceMail gets smart!


HulloMail for the iPhone is an app which will take the ability to manage voicemail away from your network provider and hand it to you or more specifically your iPhone! If your remember back when the iPhone was originally announced, one of the main  features was visual voicemail. Although this feature was launched in the US, it never materialised in many countries including Ireland. With HulloMail you now have  visual voicemail! HulloMail app is available for download in Ireland (to be launched shortly), UK and US, and it brings many of the features promised in visual voicemail and a few more. Continue reading HulloMail for iPhone – VoiceMail gets smart!

RTE Pocket for iPhone

RTE Pocket
RTE Pocket

RTE  Radio (the national broadcaster in Ireland) recently updated their iPhone apps for RTE Radio 1, and RTE 2FM to include background streaming, which is a welcome update. There is nothing worse that having the check an e-mail, knowing that if you do so you do so the radio playback will stop, this is more and more becoming a thing of the past as app developers update their radio apps. RTE also released an interesting little useful app called RTE Pocket. Continue reading RTE Pocket for iPhone