Apple TV gets it’s first app (Jailbreak)

Apple TV App
Apple TV App

We still can’t understand why Apple TV did not get any apps from the getgo, every other Apple  device seems be getting apps these days- now  including the Mac. Apple TV just got it’s first jailbreak app today. A weather app to be exact, as in the above screenshot, engadget notes the simple weather app, designed by a tiny software firm called nitoTV.

It looks like developers will have a lot of fun with designing apps for Jailbreak broken Apple TVs

[Sources: @nitoTV (Twitter) VIA Engadget]

Apple TV – Hands on review


The all new Apple TV is an attempt by Apple to change the way we watch content on our televisions. Instead of directly downloading content  to a media drive connecting to a TV and watching – you now just stream content that is already on your PC directly, not storing anything on the Apple TV.

A good idea? Maybe? But as usual Apple have been restricted in allowing what we can stream, it’s not all bad  there is a redeeming factor with Apple TV which nearly makes it worth while and it’s called Airplay, and we have a little more on that later.

So what did we think of Apple TV. We like it,  the consensus  on Apple TV is that we wont be handing over our media drives just yet.  Steve Jobs has described Apple TV as his hobby. And while this may be nice for him, with Google TV on the way, Apple need to take ATV a little more serious.

If you were to ask, in a nutshell what is Apple TV,  we would say Apple TV is primarily a streaming device, with the possibility to become so much more, encompassing:

  • Apple TV is a place to rent movies and TV shows (TV shows in US only) in HD and SD format. Programs are displayed on your television in a simple elegant graphical layout, with descriptions , reviews, and previews available.
  • Apple TV allows you to stream content to your television from your PC, however it is somewhat limited on file formats that are compatible with the device. You can stream iTunes music, films, TV shows (in the correct format), and photos.
  • Apple TV allows you to stream content from Netflix (US), youtube and flickr.

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Apple TV video review

Apple TV - Image from
Apple TV - Image from

PC  Mag have an interesting video review on the new Apple TV, as reported by Mac Rumours. It demonstrates some of the abilities of Steve Job’s “hobby”, except the ability to stream from your PC, which I personally find the most interesting. It is expected that Apple TV will be in consumers hands in the next few days, with Apple having dispatched the first batch of Apple  TV devices to those who ordered it on first availability. Video after the jump Continue reading “Apple TV video review”

Apple TV about to ship! – Will you buy? (poll) (Update: Shipped)

Apple TV
Apple TV

Update: Now shipped. Original: It seems, that according to our order status on the Apple Ireland store, that Apple TV is ready for shipping. We won’t get netflix in Ireland, and new version has no internal hard disk, but draws content from the net with the ability to stream from your iOS devices (that’s your iPods/iPhones and iPads) and your PC to your TV using Apple Airplay, for around 120 euro is a little too tempting to resist? Click through to vote in our poll. Continue reading “Apple TV about to ship! – Will you buy? (poll) (Update: Shipped)”

Apple TV in pictures

Stream movies, pictures and music

The sleek new Apple TV has been completely retuned for your entertainment. It’s 80 percent smaller than the previous generation — even with a built-in power supply. Which makes it perfect for sitting neatly on a widescreen TV stand or squeezing into a crowded media cabinet. Not only does the new Apple TV have an amazingly small footprint, it’s also incredibly energy efficient. It stays cool without a fan, so it’s never noisy. And when it’s not filling your living room with drama, romance, and comedy, it uses less power than a night-light.
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Media event Wednesday – what to expect?

Apple TV
Apple TV

Apple’s  media event starts on Wednesday, September 1st at 10 a.m. Pacific. As always with Apple at these things –  expectations will be high, usually too high! But based on the usual rumors doing the rounds, here are some possibilities.

  • iTV – aka Apple TV, which will be a set top box running iOS?
  • iPod Touch – With FaceTime?
  • iOS 4 for the iPad? – overdue really, the iPad badly needs multitasking (or something like multitasking.)

As always feel free to speculate in the comments.