IRELAND: “Where is our Apple Store?”

I’ve been reading a lot on the internet about the so-called fake Apple Stores in Asia, I understand that two have now been closed, not because of any reaction from Apple (yet), but because they were unlicensed.

There is still some of them open for business. It makes me wonder why we don’t have an Apple store here in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland for that matter? We really are missing out by not having one.

While ‘CompuB’ have some very nice stores in Dublin and Limerick (the stores I have been to), it would be nice if Apple showed a little more retail interest in Ireland.

As of writing this post, Apple has 237 stores in the US, 30 in the UK with only 4 in China, they also have stores in Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Spain.

Apple stores, in themselves, are a tourist attraction, have you ever seen the ones in New York? There is people outside actually taking photos… of a computer store!!!

What prompted this post from me, was my recent call to Apple Care. The agent seemed shocked that we don’t have a retail store or an authorized re-seller who can repair iPhones.

I has smashed the screen on my iPhone 4 on Sunday – it hit the ground face first.

It’s going back into its protective leather case, no more naked iPhone 4!

So back to the title of this post, come on Apple open a retail store in Dublin…

You won’t regret it!