I forgot about September the 11th anniversary, I am also starting my degree this week, I heard it on the radio as i drove to college this morning on  live95FM Limerick and someone on was talking about their 9/11 story, I remember when it happened I was watching  RTE News at the time, as the news came in.

The following: Taken from the website and copyright of that company and website:

Commemoration ceremonies are continuing in the US to mark the second anniversary of the 11 September attacks.
Relatives of many of the 2,800 people killed in the World Trade Centre gathered for a minute’s silence at 1.46pm, the time when the first plane hit the north tower.
The ceremonies were led by the city’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg and the former

Ceremonies have also been taking place at the White House, the Pentagon and at the field in Pennsylvania where a fourth hijacked jet crashed.
Yesterday, US President George W Bush warned that al-Qaeda is still plotting against Americans and must be hunted down and defeated.
His remarks came as a new al-Qaeda audiotape vowed further attacks on targets in the US.
Mr Bush did not refer to the audiotape, purported to be from Osama bin Laden and his deputy, but he said the threat from the organisation was real.

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