Many blogs on the net, seem to rant on and on about how great Apple computers are. So of course i had to go out and buy one, see what all the fuss is about. They are pretty great, once you are used to the way they work, you will wonder why you ever used a PC. However, one thing that really got up my nose, the day after I bought my imac, the new iMac came out. Normally I don’t care about this kind of thing, but it had a remote…. great for watching DVDs in Bed or without having to get up to ‘stop’ ‘rewind’ or whatever, I looked on but they dont seem to have an “add on” for the now outdated iMac.

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3 thoughts on “Mac”

  1. that does tend to happen, and it’s a bit frustrating – you just can’t keep up with the latest hardware from Apple sometimes. I feel like my G4 Powerbook is all old now that the new Macbooks have been launched, but I still love my little powerbook, so I don’t mind so much at the moment.

  2. Mac’s look ok,they have a good design,got the hole Intel thing going for them now,still not enough to make me go out and buy one though,Macs have less software,less games,Window Resizing,expensive,cant built your own(if thats your thing),dont like the mouse etc etc

    Then again windows is THE SUCK too,you could go on for ever debating which is best!!!

  3. Macs have enough of software, i think, all though many find it limited for gaming… still i’ve yet to find a problem with it Volvic. ebby, thats tech i guess 🙁