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Three Mobile: Is Three.ie the magic number?


The forth mobile network in Ireland – Three mobile, has a lovely set of mobile phones. So I decided, what they hell, I will treat myself to one of these sexy camera/mp3/3G phones, and at the same time get a chance to fool around with the (apparently) feature rich network that Three Mobile offers, and you can order it online, sweet! However, already I have my doubts about the company’s ability to provide a quality service when they are unable to provide basic support at the ordering level, which is the point before you even get the mobile phone.

I ordered the mobile phone on Tuesday, the wonderful (with bells and whistles) website informed me, that there is next day delivery; I doubted that this is correct, but no problem, I can wait a few days. So the following day, when there was no sign of the phone, I rang the 1800 ordering number, “Hi I was just wondering what is the status of my phone” I told the girl on the other end, “Please hold” she said, and put me listening to Sister Scissors, (I like them, so I relax and listen while I wait).

She gets back to me, I can’t see any order, I can’t tell you what happened, I don’t know what to tell you she says, but I will transfer you to customer support, who will be able to help you further, please press option 6 when you are transferred. Ok says I, a little annoyed at the prospect of waiting in a call centre queue. Then I press option 6 “invalid option, please try again” I’m told by robo girl.

Eventually customer support came on, and tells me that they can see the order, but there may be a problem, but she can’t tell me, I need to be transferred to the sales department. And off I go again, to the sales department, “It’s been ordered” I’m told by an upbeat voice, “what’s the problem”. There’s no problem I say, just making sure the order went through ok, the site tells me next day delivery, it takes 2-4 days he says, your site says next day delivery I say…. No answer, it’s been ordered and I will have it soon. I’m happy with this so I hang up.

The next day arrives, I no longer trust these guys, so I ring again, and yet again, I am transferred to three different people, eventually the sales guy (who was very helpful and honest, by the way) said there seems to be a problem with the order and he will call me back. I told him, I would prefer to cancel the order and maybe buy the item in the high street. He promises he will call me back, and I believe him, so I’m still waiting.

Three Mobile :Update 15.33
I called three (again twice) because the nice chap I spoke to previously, could not be bothered to call me back, the girl who answered told me sorry Sir your order has been declined. I said what do you mean declined? I’ll put you through to credit control, she says with almost cat like reaction (in other words – your no longer my problem). Some guy answered, you should not be put through here he said, you only ordered a top up phone, my credit card is fine (I have a nice high limit on this anyway – so I know its not the problem).

It’s just that three.ie seems to not want my custom, it’s just a top up phone, with an average spend of 150euro a month potential for the company. But they kindly told me the money taken off my credit card will be refunded as soon as possible, hello! If you can take money out of the card then why not just send the phone? So then I got a little mad (and red faced), rang back the ‘company’ and they assured me I will not be billed.

So it’s decided, three don’t care, so I refuse to go to the shops and buy the phone. I will take my custom else where. I was a ‘premium spend customer’ with Vodafone a few years ago when I used to have very high bills, but moved to top up, so it looks like they will be getting my custom once again.

Any wonder why I hate call centres, and now Three Mobile.

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  • yes Paul, I had hoped that it would be better, support wise, but my experience was terrible. But their network is pretty good, I got to try it out in the end, they have an agreement with vodafone, which pretty much means 100% coverage.

    Their internet service for pre-pay is fast but restrictive, you cannot check gmail for instance, and can only visit a set number of websites that three allow you to. Which is terrible.

  • Hi Guys,

    Check out 3’s new offer for mobile broadband, they announced it yesterday- only 39.99 for 3000MB- Might restore your faith.

    Vodafone claim they were the first in the market yet funnily can’t find it on their website however I have seen the offer on 3’s website. Could Vodafone be bluffing?

    looks good.

  • I have a Three phone too – and their shitty internet service is the part that pisses me off. Still have managed to set up the email feature on my phone. But they’re cheaper than Meteor, who I was with before.

  • ebby, yes i find them cheaper for land line calls,they called me the other day (a month later) about not having proper internet access in Ireland, and it is a security issue (BS!) but they may consider offering it in future.

    blondie: Yes that sounds cool, i wonderful they will allow you to connect a IMac using it, i’m with Clearwire in Dublin right now and they are terrible, slower than Dial up.

  • Three were terrible. Full of Indians and advertised as being Irish. They kept calling me Mr. George. They don’t get the whole surname thing. Found them to be like parasites in the hunt for cash at any price. When I eventually got fed up with their crap service and refused to pay the “Crap Service Early Temination” fee I received 12 phonecalls from the cedit department parasites in 2.5 days. Dripping tap torture trick. (annoy the shite out opf the customer) Returned to meteor and no problems. When I finally paid them for my sanity some “executive” (Mr Vindaloo)rings me straight back (saying he just read my complaint email from 2 wks ago. Ya that’s right ya lying parasite!) inviting me to rejoin three.ie – Some nerve. They got their EUR60 unsatisfied customer fee but lost about €600 in annual revenues from my contract. Short sighted morons. Trust me! Stay with meteor or such! Keep away from Indian call centres. Joke! They’ve pissed off a lot of people thinking they have a sh#t hot business plan . People won’t be long turning back to their previous providers! Ugh they really annoyed me!

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