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IRELAND: “Where is our Apple Retail store?”

Apple Store Ireland
Apple Store Ireland
Apple Store Ireland
Apple Store Ireland

I’ve been reading a lot on the internet about the so-called fake Apple retail stores in Asia, I understand that two have now been closed now, not because of any reaction from Apple (yet), but because they were unlicensed. There is still some of them open for business. It makes me wonder why we don’t have an Apple retail store here in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland for that matter? We really are missing out by not having one.

While CompuB have some very nice stores in Dublin and Limerick (the stores I have been to), it would be nice if Apple showed a little more retail interest in Ireland. Currently Apple has 237 stores in the US, 30 in the UK with only 4 in China, they also have stores in Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Spain.

Indeed there is a store on Kildare Street in Dublin that has been closed down for as long as I know, 5 years, that has the Apple logo on it, I am not sure was that also a reseller or an actual store? – But I doubt it was an Apple retail store.

Apple stores in themselves are a tourist attraction, have you ever seen the ones in New York, people outside actually taking photos of a computer store!!!

What prompted this rant from me, was my recent call to Apple Care, who seemed shocked that we don’t have a retail store or an authorised retail re-seller who can repair iPhones. I smashed the screen on my iPhone 4 on Sunday, it hit the ground face first. I could not look at it, I knew there would be physical screen damage. Lucky right-click.ie were able to fix it for me and replace the glass touch screen.

‘Lesson learnt’ there, its going back into its proctetive leather case, no more naked iPhone 4!

So back to the title of this post, come on Apple open a retail store in Dublin… You won’t regret it!

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  • CompuB offer walk in AppleCare support. Rather handy. I use the Grafton Street Store. But we do need a store. I use London to buy my apple equipment and replace headphones etc. sales are still too low to bring a full store – yet.

    • Total *****. Sales are not too low. There are 1.8M people living in greater Dublin. Sales would be high enough, Dubs love their Apple gear. There are many existing Apple Stores around the world in Cities with smaller populations. Charlottle North Carolina is getting a new Apple Store real soon, there are already 4 Apple Stores in┬áNorth Carolina. Charlotte itself has a population of less than half of Dublin’s with a population density greater than 4 times less than that of Dublin. Don’t be spouting crap when you clearly are just pulling this information out of your rear-end. Apple simply has their eye off the ball when it comes to Ireland, we’ll get a store eventually, but it will be a long time coming. I wouldn’t mind but we could probably handle 4 stores in Ireland, never mind just one. We could certainly handle one in Dublin and one in Cork. That would get the ball rolling.

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