iPad goes on sale in Ireland (video)

Irish iPad launch date
Irish iPad launch date

The Apple iPad has gone on sale this morning in Ireland, although still no sign of it for sale in the online Apple store.

But the people in this TV 3 news report on Grafton street in Dublin this morning do not seem all that impressed?

What about you? Did you get one today? If so let us know in the comments or forums. Once again people do not seem to be able to separate the device in their minds from phones and laptops – understandable.

Video recorded with a standard camera from TV3 News.

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  • Is it possible to watch tv shows on your iPad in Ireland? iTunes store only has a movie option and I usually stream shows on megavideo or 4od but iPad doesn't support these… Please help!

    • Hi Rachy, yes it is possible to watch shows on your iPad, but iTunes do not sell them in Ireland, is that what you mean? You can download shows yourself and watch them on your iPad using an app player of some sort, such as VLC. A quick google search on the many ways you can do this should point you in the right direction.


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