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iCabbi for iPhone – A taxi in your pocket!


.iCabbi.com is Ireland’s first virtual taxi dispatch company and allows people to book taxis in real time at the touch of a mobile phone or computer button without the need to speak to anyone.

With Ireland getting snowed under – literally – we decided this would be the perfect time to book a taxi with iCabbi. Apple have an effective slogan “there’s an app for that” and it is getting beyond ridiculous, and we love it!

iCabbi for the iPhone (Blackberry and Nokia apps on the way we were told)  will allow you to book a taxi, quickly and easily. Utilizing the iPhones GPS system, it automatically detects where you are, or you can enter an address manually, or even save your address using the built in address book.  We have used this app successfully a few times now and our iCabbi taxi bookings went very well. We suspected that perhaps drivers would not even be aware about how the system works, but sparking up a conversation with two drivers, revealed that they  were actively using this system, and they loved the idea. iCabbi taxi drivers were looking forward to more business using this iPhone app. We loved their viral video (somewhat unsafe for work).

Full review & hilarious video after the break.

icabbi “Tight Spot”

Not taking taxis much, we cannot say if it’s cheaper on not, but it’s certainly more fun (if booking a taxi can be called fun – maybe it can on an iPhone?). Why would you use iCabbi? You can track your entire journey online from start to end as well as keep a log of trips. iCabbi even sends you the driver’s car model, reg and mobile phone number. But it has to be the simplicity  that makes this an app worth having, iCabbi may have the potential to change they way we book taxis! We hope this is a success, and the company behind this app has already stuck up relationships with some interesting and valuable partners.

Initially launching in Dublin & Cork and rolling out to the rest of the country soon after, iCabbi has already formed strategic relationships with Nokia, Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse and Georgina Campbell’s Ireland that will see iCabbi being promoted directly to their customers, on their phones, in their shops and on their websites.


However, one strange omission from the app is the ability to book  a taxi in advance, currently you can only book a taxi on the spot, we thought his is a big hole in the app and something that should be rectified quickly.  We mentioned this to the taxi driver, who informed us that a fix for this this may already be in the works. The ability to use a credit card or Laser card with the app is also a noticeable omission also, you need to have cash to use this system, an app which is as useful as this one badly needs this feature, but again maybe in time.

To conclude! We are very impressed by this iPhone app, with some upgrades this iCabbi can go  from amazing to the standard for booking taxis!

Features of iCabbi

1.    Book the nearest taxi to you at the touch of a mobile phone button – no need to speak to anyone – if it is a busy night there is no need to call multiple dispatch companies to get a taxi
2.     Get digital confirmation that taxi is on the way and watch the taxis progress in real time on maps application
3.     Get alert to your phone when taxi is outside the door
4.    Security – know who is going to pick you up – all iCabbi drivers are registered taxi drivers – receive the drivers details directly to your phone & all this and the route taken direct to your email – iCabbi will know where you were picked up & dropped off
5.     No need to queue at taxi ranks or to try to hail taxis on the road
6.     Makes ordering taxis for people with hearing or speech difficulties a lot easier
7.     Easier to retrieve lost items
8.     Choice – specify the type of taxi you want – wheelchair accessible/Wifi enabled etc
9.     No charge for using iCabbi – no more costly than any other taxi booked over the phone

[box type=”download”]Now available in the iTunes app store for the iPhone[/box]

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